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      Character Name : 小百合 Sayuri (small lily)  歩 Ayumu (walk, deeper meaning: walk your own way)

      Age : 21

      Sex : female

      Occupation : detective/ commander in army (the only female one)

      Specialties : fight, criminal cases, discussions in contradictory, her slaps are legendary

      Strengths : strong mind, intelligent, powerful punch/slaps, speed, strong will

      Weaknesses : she's not patient, she is sarcastic, don't like sweet nothings, she's not showing her emotions

      Likes : smart peoples, apples, chewing gum, funny jokes, to read, mind games, to train

      Dislikes : stupid people,  indecent clothing, stalkers

      Quirks : her eye twitch when she's annoyed

      Personality : she's very serious and sometimes violent but she cares about her friends (even though she don't show it)

      History : she's living in an almost normal world. She runs from home because of the arguments with her mother (her name contains an irony -->her mother wanted her to be a true lady-like a flower-, not a tomb-boy). She enrolled herself in a military school. After she finishes it she becomes a famous detective. After a while she is asked to train some student at the most prestigious military school. There she becomes friend with her student (even though she pretends she hates him), 夕子 Yuuko (evening child)   国信 Kuninobu (faith in country). She is asked to discover the hiding place of the Katou (increasing hysteria) mafia family. She wants to complete her mission alone but Yuuko stalks her, discovers her plan and "helps" her. (Well, if screams and non-stop talk help at something)

      Extra Notes : she wants to be nice with everyone but because she gets annoyed easy she gives up. Her pride stops her to do emotional gestures. She blushes when she is complimented.

                        Too long, didn't read? Well, that's ok, I wouldn't do that too :D
Hello! This is my OC submission for =Miisu's contest. I had to write about an OC character. I tried to be original but lets be honest... 100% originality can't exist now (how much I want to have Twilight DESTROY it with fire!)
Oke, this is it, hope my character is good. I have to go now (my alien ship is here). Bye!
P.S.: Sorry for my bad English. I tried my best;dr again.

Miisu's page [link]
Andrassa Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome character. Love the Twilight joke.
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